In 1968, Founder Roger Ball launched a jerky company in Idaho Falls, Idaho which became a leader in the meat snacks industry for several decades, but in 2000, Roger and his family felt a change coming in the snacking industry as well as the entire food industry. The family ranches shifted to all-natural and organic methodologies and a new jerky company was born – Golden Valley Natural. This would be a company focusing not only on beef, but also buffalo, turkey, chicken and pork meat snacks with a new emphasis on all-natural and organic products. Today Golden Valley Natural produces some of the finest All-Natural, Organic, Gluten Free, Grassfed, and Non-GMO jerky available in the industry.
  1. All-natural, non-gmo, and certified organic meat snacks
  2. No sodium nitrite
  3. No artificial ingredients or additives with minimal processing